We are a boutique gym situated in the heart of Chiswick.  The beauty about our size is that we go above and beyond the usual level of service offered in those branded gym chains.

We are a family built, managed and trainer run gym with both extensive experience in and a passion for the fitness industry. Unlike those larger chains who sign up as many individuals as possible (which often leads to an over filled gym at peak hours) we will be capping our membership at 500, guaranteeing we are never too full, ensuring we will always know you and you will always know us personally.

We offer specialised classes, PT’s and treatments for injury rehabilitation alongside stocking a range of pre and  post workout nutritional supplements, coffee and nourishment bars.

Another service we can offer you – which we know those larger chains don’t – is a top level Fitness Analysis; a detailed breakdown of your complete fitness and health. The level of analysis that we supply is usually only associated with top end activities, such as motorsport and competitive Cycling. For more information on the type of tests available and costs please click here.